*Updates* Caro Home

We are very excited to announce the launch of two new home good items.

Shunde Sofa Set Splash.pngSPRING SPLASH MP AD Bayview Patio Set.png

These Items can be found at the Caro Flagship.

LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eldergrove/209/199/23

Items will be uploaded to the market place soon.

Kind Regards,

The Caro Family


**New Release** “The Great Fall 2018”


**NEW RELEASE** Caro Trading Company is excited about “The Great Fall 2018” initial release. Come “Fall” in love with a new look today.

Kind Regards,

The Caro Royal Family

Equine Island Rodeo

Snapshot_078 - Copy.png

Photo Above: Lacey Tiger (Winner of this weeks rodeo)

I went and watched my loverly husband in action today as he hosted the rodeo at Equine Island. It was a great turn out and I had a blast watching the different events. There was a barrel race, calf roping, bull riding, and pole bending. What I loved is that everyone was using SL voice, so you got to hear the real-time reactions of the riders. There was a real sense of competition and riders were cheering each other on for better times in the events. Lacey Tiger stole the show with near perfect runs on several of the events. This cowgirl was in it to win it, and it showed when she took home the L$5,000 price for first place. Way to go Lacey!! Come check it out next time, anyone can enter.

Photo Link Click Here!



For more information about Equine Island events check out their website here:


Kind regards,

The Caro Royal Family

Halloween 2017

Snapshot_001 - Copy

It has been a very exciting weekend. The Caro family know how to have fun at Halloween after all. We have spent a lot of time with the family over the weekend checking out some of the nice haunts in Second life. That is when hurricane Nate didn’t keep Buk without a connection. I really do love exploring and finding all these cool little areas.

Photo links:

Haunted Mansion Photos Click here!

The Haunted Mansion ride was amazing. If you have never had a chance to check it out at Disney, this ride does an amazing job at hitting all the key points in a near flawless rendition. Amazing flawless ride mechanics, very smooth. The sim also boasted one of the most lag friendly areas to explore. Much fun was to be had, I personally loved smashing the pumpkins. Also, several new rides and attractions. Great gift shop with some freaking amazing masks and fairy wings.



Halloween Town:

Halloween Town Photos Click here!

Tons of very cool stuff to see and do. A market extravaganza for anyone wanting to decorate their own spaces or find a perfect costume for the holiday.  Be patient with the lag, there is an amazing Jaws scene and spectacular Ghostbusters area. Tons of photo opportunities for the whole family and a free frame gift to put them in. I also thought the idea of the pumpkin carving contest was brilliant.



The Forgotten:

The Forgotten Photos Click here!

If you ever wanted to have that confused, lost, scared, and slightly frustrated feeling, this event is perfect for you. They boast to be one of the first fully interactive sims doing the Halloween theme, just make sure you get there after 6:30 SLT for the full experience. There were some truly epic moments. We got lost a few times and frightened by staff. So overall the theme was very effective.




We will be updating as we go through some other ventures.

Scare you later,

The Caro Royal Family

Ashton and Austin


Buk and I are proud to announce the newest additions to our family. Please welcome Prince Severino Ashton Caro and Prince Cirino Austin Caro, or Ashton and Austin respectively. They have already brought us so much joy since they entered our lives. Along with a bit of a restless night as one of us was a little more nervous than they should have been. They look forward to having many playdates with their family and friends.

Kind Regards,
Buk and Phoenix Caro

The Grand Harvest Ball


One might not even know it was fall, with such balmy weather and high temperatures today. However, fall was in full swing during the Grand Harvest Ball, at Equine Island. The guests were ushered in via an enchanted pumpkin carriage ride pulled by beautiful horses with festive dressing. The ballroom was stunning with precision detailing of golds, oranges, and red floral bouquets adorned the great hall walls along with a stunning live action staging backdrop of horses and carriage. There were many new faces, and the guests spared no expense on their formal outfitting. DJ Ktahdn used the crowd as his muse, and delivered triumphant yet again, with music from ballroom waltz, orchestral, and lighter selections (one with bagpipes). Honey Heart was a gracious host and kept the party lively as the conversation went throughout the night. Once again we would like to thank, Honey Heart and her team of designers, Equine Island, and the staff of Elite Equestrian.

Kind Regards,
The Caro Royal Family



Proud Father


I have always found that Second Life has a way of pulling on one’s soul and the journey is unique for us all. Buk and I have talked about what it would be like to have children on many different occasions. I think for me I have always felt like that was one part of my life that was never explored. My personal experiences with my father were not always the best. When my babe asked me to go on this journey with him I was not sure what to expect but I knew that if I was going to do this it would be with no other. Though we have grown children in this realm that we love an adore, we wanted to experience what it would be like to have babies together. It really has been a very touching and personal experience for us both. Tomorrow we plan on having twin boys, and as fathers we are both exhilarated and a bit nervous. This experience has also been one that we are both able to self-reflect on, like any new fathers would. What would we do differently, what messages would we liked carried one, and how can we prepare them the best way we can in an ever-changing world. I know one thing in my heart, the moments that we will share with them and others will be a truly beautiful experience. One that I hope will heal the past and create another layer to our partnership.

Babe thank you so very much for taking me on this journey.

Your loving husband,

Phoenix Caro

The Caro Royal Family ~2017

Caro Family - Copy


Just daddy bird here, I wanted to sneak some photos in of the family. I have come to hate treatment days but find myself doing everything I can in these moments to think only of love. As I look at our family, I think about how much Buk and I love each one of you. Whether we get to tell you enough, you are in our daily lives, and we spend many hours thinking of how we want to enrich your lives. Even if it is only a night out, a photo session, or a heart to heart conversation. We so deeply cherish our moments with you and only want to support you in your lives (all of them). We are both so very touched and so very proud you have allowed us to be part of your lives. The love we feel with you is not only unique but is a gift that carries on. In a world that is focused on negativity, we will always offer you a sanctuary. All we ask, is that when you go out beyond our protection, is that you take that love with you. Smile on, pass it on, the world needs this now more than ever. Then also take time to look at all the life around you, the beauty, the trees, the birds, the ants, and put it in perspective by then looking at the sky. We are all in this together, love more.

Kind regards,

Daddy Birdie

Caro Trading Company One Year Anniversary


Caro Trading Company is celebrating their one-year anniversary and would like to thank their loyal customers by discounting select items. Aesthetic clothing for men are discounted 30% along with some home goods. These deals can be found at the one-year anniversary kiosks located at all location under the silver balloons. Must be in the Caro Trading Company group for the 30% discount.  AUG 9-20.

LM: Home Store


LM: Test Location




Kind Regards,

Phoenix Caro